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Rainbow and Unicorn Day 6/11/20

Thank you to all the children for a truly fabulous unicorn and rainbow day.  We have had an extremely busy day learning and playing, the classroom has never looked so colourful! We have:

  • Learnt the order of the colours in a rainbow,
  • Thought about what objects are the same colours as those found in a rainbow,
  • Learnt to use our fine motor skills and made a rainbow using pipe cleaners,
  • Investigated colour mixing using food colouring,
  • Participated in a rainbow treasure hunt in the bottom playground,
  • Investigated what happens when we add warm water to skittles.

It has been a lovely day, full of smiles and laughter. The classroom has been a much noisier place than usual and I hope the children enjoyed the day as much as the staff did.  Have a lovely weekend.