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Autism and children with communication and interaction difficulties

​“Any understanding of Autism should not be approached from a position of deficit but rather a position of difference… If we are serious about equality and inclusion, then we must first understand that difference” AET​ 


At Meanwood we celebrate difference, and follow a strengths based approach.


Here is a short video suggested by the Leeds STARS team, sharing a way of talking with your child about autism. It is equally useful for children with an autism diagnosis as for children who may wish to understand what autism is. 


Reframing Autism - respect, accept, embrace, empower



Here's a short video from the Autism Education Trust too.


Autism Education Trust - difference, not deficit



These are images of books for children celebrating neuro-diversity, suggested by STARS

Neurodiversity Information Hub

Check out the new Neurodiversity Information Hub - a one-stop site to support all neurodivergent children, young people and their families in Leeds.

This online resource is designed to provide information and support for those WITH and WITHOUT formal diagnoses. Autism and ADHD are the main neurotypes covered.

The site covers a huge range of topics including:

·      What is neurodiversity? (with sections on autism and ADHD)

·      Daily living and keeping safe

·      Education and neurodiversity

·      Gender and neurodiversity

·      ….and more!!

There will be more Neurodiversity (ND) Hub information coming soon, including postcards and posters to help share the resource with others. If you’d like any more information about the ND Hub, or would like to share any information to on the Hub, please contact