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Meanwood Church Of England Governing Body is made up of a strong, supportive and dedicated group of people who strive to push the school forward and maintain the school's already outstanding reputation.


Becky Lawrence (Chair -West Yorkshire and The Dales Diocesan Governor and Governor with Responsibility for Child Protection and Safeguarding)

I am a foundation governor and I chair the governing board at Meanwood. I have one son who had a fantastic learning experience at Meanwood and has now moved onto secondary school, a daughter who is currently in KS2, and a toddler. This is my 8th year as a governor at Meanwood, prior to this I chaired a governing board at another Leeds primary school. I work for Leeds City Council's learning improvement service. My role is supporting senior leaders in primary schools with statutory assessment practice and processes, and working with leaders to help them make insightful and productive use of data about learning outcomes. I chair the teaching and learning and pupil support committee and I am the governor with responsibility for child protection and safeguarding. During my time as a governor the main areas where I have developed specialist knowledge are admissions and the statutory responsibilities for own-admitting schools; safeguarding and child protection practice; and school funding and budget monitoring. I enjoy the varied nature of school governance, the opportunity to support school leaders, and the chance to understand and contribute to the enormous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to make Meanwood a thriving, happy and successful school.


Stuart Macmillan (Associate Governor)

Having previously been the Chair of Governors as the School went through its Multi-Academy Trust challenges, I have now taken a back seat as an Associate Governor, providing my input and expertise as required. I have 3 boys, one of whom has been through Meanwood with 2 more in the upper half of the school and I’m an active member in all things PTA. My organising days are over with my wife Geraldine having chaired the PTA for a few years’ but I can be seen at all events from Summer Fairs, through to Poker Nights and I arrange the Dad’s Football.

I have over 20 years commercial experience, spending the last several years working as a self-employed project delivery consultant, and more recently establishing a property development company. To support the school, I have knowledge of procurement, finance, HR and contract negotiation.

The school is amazing and fundamentally my aim is to keep it that way, as part of a thriving community. If you’re reading this, have kids in school and like playing football or poker, let me know.

Andy Johnson (West Yorkshire and The Dales Diocesan Governor)

I am a Foundation Governor and am on both the Resources and RE Sub Committees. Having four children who have gone through/going through the ranks of Meanwood C of E school I wanted to be able to give back to the school in some small way, because it has proved to be a fantastic primary education platform for all my children, both in the quality of the teaching and the early opportunities it has given them.


I have over 25 years experience in the marketing and communications industry so I bring skills to the group both creatively and commercially. There are, as you would expect ongoing budgetary challenges in schools and one of the latter projects I worked on was to bring the afterschool provision in-house.


Coming from a non-education background, this gives me the open opportunity to ask lots of questions in order to understand how we, as a Governing body, can best support the teaching staff, non-teaching staff, parents and children so that Meanwood will continue to be an outstanding school, where all our children have the opportunity to thrive. 


Sanjay Patel (Elected Parent Governor)


Rev John Rogers (Parish Priest )

I became the Vicar of Holy Trinity Meanwood in September 2019. Previously I spent 10 years in Oakworth where I had the privilege of being involved with two secular primary schools and a school governor at one of them. I am passionate about young people’s education and the opportunity to be involved with a C of E school was one of the main reasons I came to Meanwood. As the Vicar of Holy Trinity I am an ex-officio governor of the school and serve on the Resources and RE Sub Committees. I believe the mutual partnership between Meanwood C of E Primary School and Holy Trinity is a key part of our excellent community relationships here in Meanwood by helping our young people to connect with others in the wider community.


Before ordination 17 years ago I worked as an electrical engineer and latterly became a contracts manager for a Leeds based company. In my spare time I ride a motorcycle and have a passion for road racing and one of my favourite destinations is the Isle of Man to watch the TT. My other passions are hospitality, cooking and photography.




Jess Jubb (West Yorkshire and The Dales Diocesan Governor, Vice Chair and SEN Governor)

I am am foundation governer and Vice Chair of the governing body.  I currently also serve on the PCC for Holy Trinity Church in Meanwood, and have held both roles for over 8 years. One of my responsibilities on the board is as governor responsible for SEN,  as well as being part of other key committees integral to ensuring good governance of the school.  My professional career is centred around the financial services where I have over 20 years experience.  I am currently Head of Partnerships within the insurance industry, leading a team who work in partnership with banks and building societies.  Working in a highly regulated environment I recognise the need for strong governance and controls and bring this to my role in the school.  


Liz Canning (West Yorkshire and The Dales Diocesan Governor)

Having spent over 23 years working in education, I feel I have a secure understanding, knowledge, and the required skills to support our staff and children on their continued journey of excellence. I am a learning improvement consultant with a keen interest in evidence informed curriculum and teaching and learning strategies which positively impact on the life chances of our most vulnerable children across the city.


Verity Stewart (West Yorkshire and The Dales Diocesan Governor)

I have lived in Meanwood since 2010, having been born and raised in Sussex.  I am honoured to have been involved in the governing body of the school since 2018. I am passionate about the ethos of the school and the kindness that is at the heart of the school community. I am also lucky to be a parent at the school with my eldest son now in year 1.  I am a solicitor by profession and I work for central government as an employment lawyer. I am proud to be able to use my legal expertise to support the school and I currently chair the resources committee of the governing body. In my spare time - of which there is little with two young sons - I enjoy dancing, pilates and spending as much time as possible by the sea!


Luke Smith (Staff Governor)


Charis Charles (Parent Governor)


Ruth Watson (LEA Governor)

I have been a parent of children in school since 2015 and joined the governing body in September 2021. I have worked in the education sector for 15 years as an early year’s teacher and member of school senior leadership teams, and more recently in Special Educational Needs advocacy and family support with Leeds Mencap. I hope I bring a breadth of relevant experience and knowledge with me to the role and I am proud to support the leaders and staff of such a successful and happy school.




Resources Committee

Verity Stewart (Chair)

Becky Lawrence

Andy Johnson

Charis Charles

John Rogers

Sanjay Patel 



Teaching and Learning Committee

Becky Lawrence (Chair)

Liz Canning

Jess Jubb

Ruth Watson

Luke Smith

Ella Parker



Admissions Committee

Jess Jubb

John Rogers

Andy Johnson


Headteachers Performance Management Committee

Andy Johnson

John Rogers

Governor Attendance


Governors Attendance Sheet (Full Governing Body)

Y= Governor present

N= Not in attendance

A=Apologies were accepted

NA= Apologies given but not accepted

Res= Resigned



H Sanderson (Head)


S Macmillan


Jamie Chapman


Andy Johnson


Neil Webber 

YYYYYYYYYY (Resigned) 

Becky Lawrence: Chair


Jess Jubb: Vice Chair


Mark Brown


YYNNNEnd of term     

John Duffy

YYYYYEnd of term     
Sanjay Patel (New 26.9.18)YYYYYYYYYYY
Will Butterworth (New 26.9.18)YNAYRes      
Liz Canning (New 26.9.18)YYYYYYYYYYY
Verity Stewart (New 26.9.18)YYYYYYYYYYY
Amanda Johnson (New 26.9.18)YYYMat LeaveMat leaveMat leaveNNNN 
Luke Smith (New 25.9.19)   YYYYYYYY
Sarah Chamings (New 26.9.18)YYYYYYYYYYRes
Rev John Rogers (New 25.9.19   YYYAYYYY
Charis Charles (New 3.12.20)       YYYY
Ruth Watson (New 22.9.21)          Y


Mrs Helen Eagles

Rev John Rogers
Mr Stuart Macmillan

Mr Jamie Chapman

Mrs Verity Stewart

Mr Sanjay Patel

Ms Charis Charles

Miss Ruth Watson


Mrs Jess Jubb

Mr Andy Johnson

Mrs Becky Lawrence

Mrs Liz Canning

Luke Smith


Ex-Officio (Headteacher)

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Associate Governor

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Parent Representative

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West Yorkshire and The Dales Diocesan Board

West Yorkshire and The Dales Diocesan Board

West Yorkshire and The Dales Diocesan Board

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