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Curriculum Intent

At Meanwood  we want to equip pupils with the skills of computational thinking and creativity to prepare them to be active participants in an increasingly digital world. Children will be taught to be responsible, respectful and confident users of a broad range of technologies whilst always mindful of how to keep themselves safe online and how their behaviour affects others. Our comprehensive curriculum encompasses digital literacy, information technology and computer science and is taught in a way that is progressive and sequenced to build on previous learning, allowing children to apply their skills in various digital contexts. Children will become proficient and effective users of a range of internet, desktop technologies and artefacts in order to express themselves and develop their ideas at a level suitable for the future workplace. Computer science is at the core of Computing and as such children will progressively learn the key concepts of programming, how to apply logic, testing and debugging.  Wherever possible pupils will be given the opportunity to apply what they have learned alongside the wider curriculum gaining confidence and encouraging enjoyment.