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Meanwood CE Primary School Curriculum 

The curriculum at Meanwood is built on its vision and values and the National Curriculum. We aim to provide an exceptional education that embraces our school vision.


Open Hearts – We create a cooperative learning environment, encouraging children to work together, share ideas and learn collaboratively. 

Open Minds We inspire our children to strive for excellence in all areas of the curriculum. We celebrate and learn from the great and good, creating inquisitive minds that are always ready to learn. We encourage a resilient and open mindset that equips us to know more and remember more.

Open ArmsWe foster empathy in our pupils, encouraging them to understand and appreciate different perspectives and try different approaches to learning. We promote an inclusive environment where all learners feel valued and supported in their learning journey.



At Meanwood, we are dedicated to improving the understanding as well as fostering a love for different subjects. By integrating the school vision into our curriculum, we aim to create a learning environment that promotes collaboration, celebrates achievement and fosters empathy and respect. We strive to inspire our pupils to become lifelong learners who are confident in their abilities, capable of applying their knowledge in real-world contexts, and equipped with the skills necessary for success in their future endeavours. Through our commitment to excellence, inclusivity and holistic development, we aim to empower our pupils to make a positive impact in their communities and the wider world. 



At Meanwood, the content of different subjects has been carefully crafted to ensure that it is progressive and accessible to all children. The use of long-term plans and knowledge organisers allows staff to implement lessons that have clear endpoints, ensuring a systematic approach to learning. Assessment is used a diagnostic tool to help mould the curriculum to the needs and requirements of the learners. Quizzes, recaps and connected knowledge lessons give all children the opportunity to retain the knowledge they need to move onto the next step in their learning journey. 



At Meanwood our aim is keep all the children working together at broadly the same place by taking small steps in learning. Progress and attainment levels are carefully tracked and monitored so gaps in knowledge and skills are quickly identified and acted upon.  The school uses formative assessment (EYFS baseline, Phonics Screening Check -Year 1 and 2, Multiplication Tables Check – Year 4 and the KS2 SATs- year 6) to ensure children are successful.


Staff Development

The School Development Plan is carefully put together based on the needs and requirement of the school- identified through the School Evaluation Form.  Training needs and staff development are then implemented. This create a purposeful and relevant climate for all members of the school community to thrive.



The subject leaders, SLT and Governors all play a role in the monitoring of the curriculum. Regular monitoring via learning walks, book looks and pupil/staff voice feedback ensures the subjects are constantly being reviewed and regulated to ensure the best learning opportunities for all.


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