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We are a relational school and believe in restorative practice. 

We have clear expectations for our children plus clear 'above and beyond, statements where children can earn CARE points. 




I show good manners to everyone. 

I work together with others showing respect for their ideas. 

Above and Beyond

I cheer on everyone to do their best. 

I open my arms to others in all that I do. 



I do the best I can today. 

I will approach challenges with an open mind.

Above and Beyond

I remain focussed even in difficult situations. 

I make an effort to improve when things get tricky or uncomfortable. 



I receive feedback in a positive way.

I take responsibility for my own actions. 

Above and Beyond

I make a positive impact on other people. 

I resolve a problem without an adult. 



I listen to people so I can understand. 

I understand and care for people's feelings. 

Above and Beyond

I check with anyone in need. 

I allow others to enjoy things and encourage individuality. 


CARE points rewards. 

10 CARE points: Email home. 

20 CARE points: Postcard home. 

30 CARE points: Afternoon tea with the staff. 

40 CARE points: Certificate. 

50 CARE Points: Taking over a job in school. 

60 CARE Points: Choice of treat for the class.