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Autumn Photos and Videos

Children in Year 4 used freeze framing to act out the events of the catastrophic day in history in Pompeii  We will be basing our writing on Pompeii over the next few weeks. 

David Hockney art work in Year 4 


Parliament workshop on laws and debating.

Today the children took part in a workshop which was an event provided by Parliament at Westminster.  The children learnt about how laws were made and the process it takes for a bill to become a law. The heard all about the House of Commons and the House of Lords and how the final bill was signed by the Queen went it finally becomes an official law.  The children were involved in as debate on a topical issue and were guided through the process of making a law. The workshop ended with a question time with our local MP Fabian Hamilton where they asked some really interesting questions. 


School Council Representative Elections took part today in Year 4. Well done to everyone who took part.  You all gave a brilliant account of yourselves and it was very close!