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Alien crash landing

Today we introduced our new space topic by reading ‘Marshmallows for Martians’. "Martian" is as our topic word of the week. Just as we had finished our story, Mrs Dove came bursting through the door, shouting, “There’s been a spacecraft landing in our Outdoor Learning Area and there’s loads of sweets that have spilt everywhere!” The children were beside themselves with excitement at this point and went to go and investigate. Outside was a large and peculiar looking silver box with a letter in it and lots of sweets. There were also very suspicious looking green footprints and slime near to the box. the letter read: "Sorry about the mess. I didn’t mean to land on earth. My rocket lost control. I’m from Mars. I’m afraid you can’t see me as you need special martian eyes to see other martians. I’m made out of sweets. What do you think I look like? Can you have a go at making me out of sweets?" The children then had a go at completing our martian challenge and had great fun doing it!