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A frozen package arrives...

This morning, we were brought a mystery package into the classroom. We read out the sender's address: Queen Elsa, Arendelle Castle, Norway.  Who was it from?  Many children guessed it was from Queen Elsa. We talked about Queen Elsa's magical powers and what she did to her sister Anna.   We didn't know what to expect! Inside we found a letter from Queen Elsa, she was asking for our help. She had accidentally froze her friends and needed the help of reception class to release them from the ice.  
We discussed ways that we could help Queen Elsa and more importantly, her friends. The children thought we could:
*Bash them
*Crack them
*Put them in the sun
*Use hot/cold water to release her friends.

We had great fun releasing her friends and exploring the quickest way to do this!