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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Wow - what a day! We had such a fantastic time at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Our day began with a walking, talk and make tour where our superb guide told us about various sculptures in the park. It gave the children a fantastic opportunity to consider what they were made from, guess their name and consider what inspired them. It was also a great opportunity to use their artistic vocabulary to accurately describe, discuss and evaluate pieces. Along the way we made sketches, which were amazing! The afternoon saw the children  split into groups and create their own sculptures from a range of materials such as tyres, pipes, wood, metal and stone. They were given two themes such as ‘peace’ and ‘waves’. They responded to these themes through their sculptures. I was blown away with their creativity, their finished pieces and how well they could articulate what they had done. Well done Year 5 on done on being so brilliant and embracing the world of sculpture.