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The Reading Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

At Meanwood C of E we are a reading school. This starts with staff who act as positive reading role models and foster their own love of reading in their children. The curriculum has been designed with reading at its core and it is woven across all curriculum areas. We share and promote a love of reading for all pupils as we recognise that learning to read raises children’s self-esteem and self-efficacy and develops the wider characteristics of effective learning. From beginning our school, we prepare our children in every way to become passionate readers and allow them to understand why it is such a valuable skill to have. We sustain high outcomes for phonics and early reading throughout their time in school. Underpinning all learning at Meanwood is our shared view that an extensive vocabulary and understanding of what is read is the key to success in all areas of the curriculum and helps children to understand and communicate with the world around them.  We strive to make sure our children can read accurately, fluently and with understanding and make sure they understand that reading can make a difference throughout their whole lives. All children are exposed to a diverse range of authors and poets and are given the opportunity to read and respond to these texts. We encourage children to see reading as something pleasurable and valuable in their lives, which we know will always have a positive impact for every child moving forward.