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Summer 2

In Summer 2 we will be learning about …….

In Writing we will be writing sentences using adjectives and sequencing sentences to form a short narrative. We will reading the book Tell Me A Dragon by Jackie Morris, creating our own dragons and writing an explanation text on how to look after a dragon.


In Maths, we will be focusing on place value within 100, money and time.


In RE we will be learning about Belonging and what it means to belong. We will look at how faith groups and non faith groups teach about loving others and we will learn the story of The Lost Sheep and discuss how it shows Christians that we are all important to God.


In History we will be learning about Florence Nightingale and discussing whether Florence Nightingale's achievements changed the way we live today. We will be going on our class trip to Thackray Museum to take part in a Florence Nightingale workshop.


In PSHE, we will be learning about money within the unit of Careers, Finance and Economic Wellbeing. We will learn about where money comes from, different ways of saving money and different jobs people do. Our class read for this half term will support this learning as we read about how Daisy needs to save up for a scooter.


In PE, we will be learning running skills and health and wellbeing.


In Computing, we will be learning about programming animations.


In Art we will be learning about shape and printing. We will create simple potato stamps and create pictures from paint.


In French we will be learning about French traditions.


In Music, we will be exploring songs that tell a story.


In DT, we will be learning about structures and designing and making our own chair for Baby Bear.


Our Oracy focus is "my favourite piece of art". Please see email sent to parents for additional information regarding this, including when your child can bring in their showing.

Class Read

Class Poem

This half term in our daily rhyme time, we will be singing the following nursery rhymes: Now we are six, A sailor went to sea, Sing a song of sixpence.


Now We are Six

Knowledge Organisers


Knowledge Organisers should be used to support your child throughout the topic being covered. They provide end points which is the knowledge that children will gain from this unit of work. They also show the learning that has taken place before and how this will link to future learning. Children will use these both in school and at home to supplement their learning, allowing us to work collaboratively together.


Knowledge Organisers are designed to help provide additional support and direction for families to support learning at home. They can be used as a point of reference for year group knowledge and expectations within the given topic area.

History Knowledge Organiser

RE Knowledge Organiser

PSHE Knowledge Organiser

DT Knowledge Organiser