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Spring 2

In Spring 2 we are learning...


In Phonics this half term we are learning the new GPCs: ee, igh, oa, oo (long and short) and ar. 


In Reading children will read aloud simple sentences and books that are consistent with their phonic knowledge, including some common exception words. Children will be developing their skills of predictions and discussing key events and characters.


In Writing, children begin by reading 'Goldilocks Eats her Greens' by Steve Smallman. They sequence a story map and add labels using taught GPCs. Children spend time recycling their own ending. There is an oracy focus as we spend time retelling the story with our new endings and using story language.


In our daily Rhyme Time, we will be singing the following nursery rhymes this half term: 

Baa baa black sheep, Once I caught a fish alive and Miss Polly had a dolly. 


In Maths we begin by exploring and describing objects by their length. They learn that height is a type of length and build towers that are the same height, or taller/shorter. Our number work this half term is centred around building 9 and 10. Children find 9 and 10 and embed the counting principles when counting forwards and backwards. Children build on their skills on 1 more, 1 less and conceptual subitising to explore partitioning numbers to 10.  


In Topic lessons we will be learning about how we can keep ourselves healthy and safe.  The children begin their learning by identifying key differences between fruits and vegetables.  They learn that eating the right balance of food is important from the food groups.  Children also learn the importance of exercise and the effects of their bodies.  We focus on daily habits e.g. brushing their teeth, wearing clean clothes and washing hands and children also learn ways to stay when outdoors.


In RE we will be learning about why Christians put a cross in an Easter garden.


In our PE lessons we will be exploring jumping in a variety of ways. Children will jump in different directions, adjusting their speed, level, height and distance.  


We begin Design and Technology lessons this half term where we will be designing and making our own bookmarks by sewing a design onto material.  


In French we will be learning to


In Music children will be exploring our world through music and nursery rhymes and action songs.


Our Oracy focus is 'things my family and I do to keep safe and healthy'. Please see an e-mail sent to parents for  further information regarding this, including the week your child can bring in a showing. 


Knowledge Organisers should be used to support your child throughout the topic being covered. They provide end points which is the knowledge that children will gain from this unit of work. They also show the learning that has taken place before and how this will link to future learning. Children will use these both in school and at home to supplement their learning, allowing us to work collaboratively together.


Knowledge Organisers are designed to help provide additional support and direction for families to support learning at home. They can be used as a point of reference for year group knowledge and expectations within the given topic area.

Spring 2 - Keeping Safe and Healthy

Keeping Safe and Healthy

RE - Salvation

DT Textiles - Bookmarks