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Science Week: Exploring Polar Ice Caps

As part of our whole school Science Week, Reception class have been given the role of learning about, exploring and investigating the effect that global warming is having on our earth's polar regions and the subsequent impact it has on the rest of the world. Today, we have been exploring what happens to some of our polar animals as a result of polar ice caps melting. We also explored what effect rising sea levels can have on turtles in tropical climates and how global warming is drastically endangering them by washing away beaches that they lay their eggs in each year. We set up an arctic scene in our tuff trays, with large blocks of ice, representing polar ice caps with polar bears sat on them. We left one tray outside and watched what happened as the ice began to melt and the impact it would have on the animals inhabiting them. We accelerated the ice melting in the classroom on the other tray by blowing a hairdryer on to the ice blocks to represent how global warming is drastically speeding up this process.