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Nurse visit to learn about the importance of washing our hands

Today, Reception class had a visit from nurse Sallie. She showed us how important it was to wash our hands. We watched a video about the bad germs and how they can make us really poorly. To stop these bad germs, we need to wash our hands really well, with soap and warm water. Nurse Sallie brought in a special light box so we could see the germs on our hands. We started with some cream on our hands, and saw under the light box how dirty our hands were. We then washed our hands, whilst singing the alphabet to make sure we washed our hands for long enough and scrubbing all over. After this, we had a look at our hands under the light again. All of the germs were gone! Some children also did some colouring all about safe hand washing. We really enjoyed this visit from Sallie and she taught us lots of useful things!