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Year 6 Residential Trip to France: Day 1

Left the terminus at 6:20 having waited for a member of staff to arrive..... Gerald the driver was very fond of the microphone and talking into it... at length. However, he wasn't so talkative when he realised he had left his passport at home. We thought he was joking... he wasn't. He decided that he was going to blag his way through passport control: this idea did not go down well with the staff. We stopped at Peterborough for the driver to have a break and several members of staff to have McDonald's breakfast, the children were drooling and outraged. The child who decided to put all of his belongings in one of the rubbish bags on the coach which was then emptied by the driver when we went to the loo wasn't popular but at least fished all of the contents out of the public rubbish bin himself! Out of Peterborough at 9:32, and the films went on. Mary Poppins, Spiderman, The Cat in the Hat and Angry Birds, ensured that the children were entertained and kept quiet. At the Dartford crossing, all of the children cheered because they thought we were in France, although one of them did say "have we gone past York yet?" Very smooth ferry crossing, which was spent mostly outdoors on deck in fresh air. Equally so the drive down to the hotel was event free. Getting off the coach and we walked into a hair dryer, it was so warm! The children were delighted by the buffet and even though they had grazed all day on the coach, they still managed to pack away a mountain of dinner. Evening walk, shower, bedtime.