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Mini-beast hunting in Meanwood Park

Reception class have learnt that a habitat is a place where animals live. Habitats must provide three things: food, shelter and water in order for animals to survive.  We decided to explore the habitats found in Meanwood Park and consequently we learnt what wildlife we would find there too.  Today we have been further exploring what an owl, fox, hedgehog, badger and squirrels eat. With owls, badgers and hedgehogs eating worms, we began to explore mini-beasts and learnt that these are tiny creatures. We decided to use our detective skills to track these down and so went on a mini-beast hunt in Meanwood Park.  We soon discovered that mini-beasts live in all sorts of habitats and many prefer dark, damp spots in the woods. 


Here are some photographs of us:

Peeking under stones and logs found in the woods,

Peering into the cracks in tree bark and deadwood looking for spiders and beetles,

Poking our nose into long grass!


We were very careful when we were being mini-beast detectives and when we picked up the mini-beasts, we made sure we always put them back where we found them initially.