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Mental Health Day

Mental Health Day 11.10.21


´╗┐We head a a great day discussing how important looking after our own (and others) mental health is. We started the day by defining what we mean by mental health awhile comparing it to physical health. We talked about how it can be complicated as you cannot see it. We then watched an assembly and superb animation that explained how it is important to talk to others about our feelings. We discussed who these people could be and how this can help you if you are struggling with any mental health issues (big or small).


In the afternoon, we discussed diversity and culture and all the amazing things that come with it. We considered how it opens our minds to new experiences, food, hobbies, experiences, music, art and allows us to travel without leaving home. I was most proud of how the children understood that diversity allows us to become more aware of an respectful of other people’s journeys - however different they may be from our own.  We ended the day by creating our own diversity posters. Well done Year 5.