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Martian Landing

On our first day back after Christmas, Reception Class were quietly enjoying reading the book 'Marshmallows for Aliens', Mrs Ward spotted some very strange things in our outdoor learning area. We heard a big bang and so we went to explore what it was that had made such a mess. We soon realised it must have been an alien landing due to the clues that we found e.g. green slime and strange looking footsteps. On further investigation and drawing links between a letter we found and the book we were reading, we believed it must have been a martian (our word of the week). Initially we thought it was an alien landing but on reading that it was from Mars, we learned what the word 'martian' meant. The martian sincerely apologised for the mess that it had made and explained that we won't be able to see it as we need special martian eyes. However, the letter continued to explain that it was made out of sweets. We soon set to work using our imagination to use sweets to create what we thought the martian may look like.