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Home Learning Activities - wc 6.07.20

This will be the last week of home learning activities set as next week in school we are going to have a focus on the school community and reception children will be helping to improve our immediate area. We will be focussing on our outdoor learning area and we have some lovely creations planned that will make our area look more inviting.  


Many thanks for all the home schooling you have done with your child.  The activities that I set weekly have always followed the long term plan in reception and covered the different areas of learning and by doing so, it ensured that learning has continued at a similar pace to what it would have done in school.  Tapestry has proved a wonderful resource as a line of communication between us and so thank you for taking the time to share your child's wonderful work. Next week I will be e-mailing a PDF of your child's Tapestry account for your records of their time in reception class and also during lockdown.


You will also be receiving your child's report via e-mail on Thursday 9th July. Please look out for this.


Over the last few weeks I have seen twenty six children gradually return to class and it has been lovely to welcome those children back into school. For those children who were unable to return, I want to thank you and your parents for all your hard work at home and I look forward to seeing you again after the summer holidays.  


Without doubt it has been a strange end to your child's first year in school, but I hope they have enjoyed their time in reception class and have fond memories to look back on. I certainly have loved teaching this class and know they will continue to go from strength to strength in Year 1.


Have a lovely summer,


Mrs Parker