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Hidden germs

Today we looked at hidden germs. We talked about how germs are invisible but spread very easily. To demonstrate this, we did the pepper experiment. We started off with a bowl of warm water, which indicated a surface. We added some black pepper to this surface which were our ‘germs.’ They spread very quickly and all around which is what happens with real germs. Each child had a go at putting their finger in the water and when they pulled it out, it was covered in ‘germs’! 

I showed the children how easily the germs spread by touching their finger with my germy finger. Each child had germs on them even though they hadn’t touched the germs directly. We talked about why it was so important  to wash our hands properly. When we added soap to our finger and dipped it in the germs, it made all the germs spread away. This showed us how important it is to wash our hands thoroughly, with soap, to keep the germs away.