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Day 2


It seems so strange to say we have only been here for just over one day! We haven’t stopped.


Last night we had fingers crossed for an early night, and true to form, dependable Yr6 were great. After the photos were uploaded, I could not hear a peep from any of the boys (at midnight). It was at 5.30am when they decided us teachers had not had enough sleep, and deserved a wake-up call in the form of booming chatter – cheers gents!


After an early wake-up, we headed to breakfast before starting our activities.


3G swing, fencing, team-building activities galore followed by a campfire made for an amazing action-packed day with lots to report.


Standout moments!


  • Isabelle conquered mega fears and made Mr. Platt mega proud! What a star she was. Abseiling proved really daunting, but she stayed with it, and completed the full decent, including jumps.
  • Mr. Platt is contemplating a side-career as a stunt double in Mission Impossible after the complements received from the abseiling instructor.
  • Leo volunteered a handful of campfire jokes. Slightly obscure, but brilliant non-the-less. All cheese based, and all brilliant – we all think you’re ace Leo!
  • A campfire ghost story that proved very scary! Amazing reactions when Caiden screamed at the leader and jumped into Joshua Frani’s lap. The fact ‘Peg Leg’ appeared on Tuesday nights was terrifying – what a coincidence! Anybody would think the instructor made it up.
  • Mrs Monk’s dance moves were just sublime! Honestly – highlight of my trip thus far.
  • I am THE fencing champion – Never mind, ‘Mask of Zoro’  -‘Mask of Parso!'
  • I think the kitchen staff have put me on calorie-controlled diet as I keep being given smaller plates to the rest of the staff. It has happened twice and have tried to ask for a grown-up plate, but they wont let me. It's proving quite upsetting.
  • Ava was complemented on her fencing by a medalist – she may have a new sport!
  • Ramai’s face during the campfire songs was a picture – so, so funny! He was not impressed! What a star.
  • Magnus made everyone smile on the 3G swing – he was petrified, but soon turned it around in a ‘Mag’s way’ and got used to it!


These are just a few bits from a very busy day. Seeing children be children, laugh, joke, be silly and have lots of fun has been wonderful. Hope you enjoy the pictures. There will more follow tomorrow.