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Day 1 - Sunshine and Smiles! 


The calmest Year 6 on record didn’t disappoint today. Before we knew it, we had arrived in Colomendy, with not glitches. With the help of my directions when the coach sat nav lost battery, we arrived bang on time. Given my directional skills, a small miracle! 


We were then given a guided tour by May, our lead instructor, and spent the rest of the afternoon playing football, rugby and volleyball. 


Warning: lots of Liverpool schools at the activity centre, coupled with our visit on Wednesday and Thursday may result in children picking up a scouse twang! Boss! 


By six-o-clock it was time for high ropes, low ropes or the 3G swing -  for me utterly terrifying - for Year 6, a walk in the park! They are just the best! Everyone pushed themselves to the maximum: all the staff were so proud, and had to have a go, so to not lose face! Being not great with heights is an understatement, but we all did it! The children loved the adrenaline rush from conquering their fears; I felt sick and faint! In between shouts of encouragement I could hear the concerned whispers, “Mr P’s really scared!” I was terrified! 


After swinging down from the ‘platform of terror’ we watched Mr Platt beat the 3G swing with much more gusto, and true to her name, Mrs ‘monkey’ Monk, skipped over the low ropes with ease. 


After fears were conquered, and encouragement given, we set up for our final activity - the mini Olympic, then to bed. We are hoping for an early night!


Days like today really highlight the caliber of Meanwood children. They have been just perfect! A real credit to you all. 


Bring on a busy day tomorrow! We are having a brilliant time! 


And as promised, the updates on the website will tend to be late/early - sorry! No signal and poor WiFi means that putting over 100 photos up takes a while, and has to be done when the network is less busy. 


Mr P