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Learning in our class is through meaningful play and experiences within a calm, safe and caring setting. Our curriculum has been uniquely and carefully designed for our learners. It is a broad, balanced and an ambitious curriculum which nurtures the children's social, emotional, physical, intellectual, moral and cultural development in a safe, yet stimulating environment. The curriculum has been designed to enhance the experiences and opportunities we choose to give our children so that they aspire to succeed as best as they can in life, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, norms and values which can be used to get ahead in education and improve their life chances. Our curriculum has been customised to build upon the experiences and backgrounds of our children with carefully, progressive sequencing that helps children to build on their learning over time and so preparing them as best as we can for Year 1. Within our curriculum, children begin to explore growth and change over time and we also use our locality to explore seasonal changes and learn more about our surrounding local area. We spark children's curiosity about the wider world as they begin to learn about some of the affects that human activity can have upon our planet, such as plastic pollution. The staff share their love of books with the children, and through a range of carefully selected diverse and inclusive fiction, non-fiction, poems and nursery rhymes, we strive to acquire new words every day and foster children's love of books. We constantly encourage children to use these and own them in their spoken language. Topic words are specifically planned into our well-sequenced curriculum which supports language acquisition. Developing children's oral composition through the frequent frequent retelling of stories, rhymes and poems is a key element of our language rich curriculum, which alongside our phonics programme supports children to become confident early writers. We also place great importance upon developing children's confidence to express themselves through a variety of creative activities. The EYFS is viewed as a crucial year in primary education. As a school we really value the first year in education and begin to set the foundations for the subjects in KS1.