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Cooking in the curriculum

During our Physical Health and Wellbeing PSHE unit, we are exploring how to keep our bodies healthy. We have been exploring the Eatwell Plate and learning about how important it is to have lots of fruit and vegetables in our diet every day. During our class shared read of "I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato" by Lauren Child, the children learned how Lola was initially struggling to eat lots of food, particularly vegetables! We have created a delicious sauce that is made from blended vegetables that we are going to use as our base sauce for pizzas and we are also going to sample our sauce on pasta in the coming weeks! The class thought that this would be a great way for Lola to eat more vegetables. The children practised and developed their food preparation skills including the bridge knife hold, peeling, grating, cutting food into evenly sized pieces and pouring oil into the pan ready for me to cook the prepared vegetables. We shall add more photos of us sampling the sauce on both pizza and pasta in the coming weeks.