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Catching the Bus to Moor Allerton Library

Reception class caught the number 51 bus to Moor Allerton Library. There were 5 children who had never been on a public bus before and 16 children who hadn't visited a library.  We had great fun going over the speed bumps on the way there and we even noticed some horses in a field wearing coats because of the cold weather.  Once we arrived, the children had the chance to select a book of their choice. We discussed the words 'author' and 'illustrator' and whether we actually had chosen a book because of it's cover looking attractive to us. A librarian talked to us about her job and shared a book with us.   Before it was time to leave we learnt how to take a book out of a library. We had to place our books on a special machine that scanned a barcode before we could leave. We learnt that this was so the library could keep track of where each book is in case a book is reserved. As soon as we left the library the rain began! Luckily we didn't have to wait too long to catch the 51 back to school.