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Autumn 2

In Autumn 2 we are learning...


In Phonics we begin each lesson saying the alphabet chant, either chanting the letter sounds or the letter names.  This half term we are learning the new GPCs: l, ll, j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu and ch. Children learn to write the lower and upper case letters. They practise blending and segmenting words which include the new GPCs. 


In Reading, children will apply their new phonics knowledge to the skill of reading shared reading books containing these GPCs. We practise the green and red (tricky) words daily that are found in the front of the shared reader and continue to model answering the decodable questions at the back of the book to help with the children's comprehension. 


In Writing, children are applying their phonics knowledge so far in different writing opportunities. Through the enjoyment of an autumn themed books, children begin writing words, labels and captions using the taught GPCs. We focus on retelling and sequencing books orally, equipping children will new vocabulary learnt through these books. 


In our daily Rhyme Time, we will be singing the following nursery rhymes this half term: I'm a Little Teapot, Twinkle Twinkle and lots of nativity songs for our performance of Shine Star, Shine! on Friday 15th December!


In Maths we will be learning the composition of 4 and 5 and the different ways they are represented. The children will also be subitising 4 and 5.  We will be identifying, comparing and naming circles and triangles and finding them in the environment. Children will learn positional language and describe an object in relation to other items. 


In Topic lessons we will learn about the seasonal changes that occur at this time of year. The children will visit Meanwood Park, spotting the seasonal changes that happen in Autumn. They will learn to say the seasons in order, knowing that there are four seasons. Through first hand experiences, children learn what a habitat is and the three things that make a good habitat (food, shelter, water). They learn about the wildlife that lives in Meanwood Park and Meanwood beck and how some animals hibernate, migrate or adapt to prepare them for the winter months. 


In RE we will be acting out different parts of the Nativity story learning that Nativity plays are a way of telling the ‘good news’ of God coming to Earth.  Children will sing songs that tell different parts of the Nativity story and talk about what we might do if a special baby was born. The children will  know that Christmas is celebrated each year to remind Christians how much God loves them and that Christmas as a special time to share God’s love with families and friends.


In our PE lessons we will exploring high, low, over and under movements using different body parts. They will create shapes on and off the apparatus and then combine moving and creating shapes. 


In Art lessons we will be recognising primary colours, mixing secondary colours and naming these. Children then create autumn pictures mixing powder paint to make autumnal colours. 


In French we will be learning the words of our family members.


In Music we will be practising our Christmas Nativity songs in preparation for our performance in December. 


Our Oracy focus is Autumn Treasures. Please see an e-mail sent to parents for  further information regarding this, including the week your child can bring in a showing.


Knowledge Organisers should be used to support your child throughout the topic being covered. They provide end points which is the knowledge that children will gain from this unit of work. They also show the learning that has taken place before and how this will link to future learning. Children will use these both in school and at home to supplement their learning, allowing us to work collaboratively together.


Knowledge Organisers are designed to help provide additional support and direction for families to support learning at home. They can be used as a point of reference for year group knowledge and expectations within the given topic area.


RE - Where do Christians perform nativity plays at Christmas?

Autumn Detectives

Shine Star, Shine!