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Autumn 1

In Autumn 1 we are learning...


In Writing, we will not only consolidate the knowledge we've gained so far but also expand our repertoire of clause types by using relative clauses. We'll employ these  in conjunction with expanded noun phrases to craft purposeful and captivating character descriptions. Our character descriptions will be centered around Miss Trunchbull, and we'll also embark on the exciting journey of crafting an adventure story drawing inspiration from our class read, 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell.


In Maths, we will be focusing on Place Value (to 100,000), learning to read, write and partition numbers to 100,000, round numbers within 100,000, read and write Roman numerals, as well as position numbers along a number line.


In French we will be learning traditional games and songs and looking at similarities and differences between France and England. 


In Oracy we will be developing our debating skills through weekly discussion topics. 


In RE we will be learning about God and what it means to be holy and loving. 


In Science, we will be learning about space. 


In PSHE, we will be learning about identify, society and equality with a focus on stereotypes, prejudice and tackling homophobia. 


In PE, we will be developing our football skills and taking part in health related exercises. 


In Music, we will be learning about melody and harmony. 


Knowledge Organisers should be used to support your child throughout the topic being covered. They provide end points which is the knowledge that children will gain from this unit of work. They also show the learning that has taken place before and how this will link to future learning. Children will use these both in school and at home to supplement their learning, allowing us to work collaboratively together.


Knowledge Organisers are designed to help provide additional support and direction for families to support learning at home. They can be used as a point of reference for year group knowledge and expectations within the given topic area.

Geography: Whitby

Science: Space

Year 5 learnt all about the order and shape of the planets. To help them remember we created these brilliantly handy split pin diagrams! 

Year 5 made some fantastic models to demonstrate how planet Earth experiences  have day and night. 

Class Read: The Explorer - Katherine Rundell

Still image for this video

Class Poem: W.H Auden - The Night Mail