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An interesting discovery in Meanwood Park

Reception class made an extraordinary discovery today, one which has left us all in disbelief. A dog walker in Meanwood Park informed Mrs Dove that they had found a bone in the park. They came to the conclusion that the storms we have recently experienced must have exposed the bones. We decided to go and put our wellies on and be first hand paleontologists. We had a brief discussion about the equipment we may need to take with us into the park. Collectively we packed up some paint brushes (to dust off any mud covering the bones), a torch (for closer investigation), plastic trowels and rakes, magnifying glasses and a camera so children can take their own photographs of the discovery. Not knowing what exactly we were going to uncover, we set to work heading to the site to perform our very own excavation. We split up into smaller groups to do this. 


We decided to take the bones back to the classroom where children were keen to talk about what we could do now. Mrs Parker suggested that we should ring Leeds Museum and inform them about our discovery.


When the phone call was made, Bev from Leeds Museum was equally as excited because over the weekend, other remains had also been found in Meanwood Park and she offered to bring them into our classroom when she finished work tonight. She had researched the bones and told us that they belonged to a deinonychus. The children can not wait to see if the bones we discovered belong to the same dinosaur.