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Year 6

Welcome to Year Six  


When deciding on our class ethos and responsibilities, Year 6 took their inspiration from animals! We agreed that we have developed a lot since being in Year 5 and thought we needed to update our class information.
Firstly, we looked at a lion, which is an animal that represents courage, honour and loyalty. We then looked at a quote to help us develop our ethos statement:

“Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too young to accomplish something incredible. A baby shark is still a shark.”
After a motivating talk from Mrs Sanderson, we discussed what we wanted to achieve. We created an ethos statement and a list of responsibilities. This is what we came up with!
We are a pride of lions with the determination to succeed in all we do. With a little help from our strong leaders: Mr Parsonage, Mrs Monk, Mrs Butterfield, Mrs Barnett, Miss Donaldson and Mrs Skelton, we will aspire to achieve our very best and help others along the way. As a team, we use our kindness, hard work and Meanwood loyalty to raise expectations everyday.
Ellie, Annabelle, Tom, Jamie
After agreeing on our ethos statement we took a selection of responsibilities from different people  in our class.
We have the responsibility to:

·      Keep the classroom tidy and set a good example to others (Lucas)
·      Always respect other people (Charlotte)
·      Believe in others and yourself – you can achieve anything! (Ranell) 
·      Look after younger children in school (James)
·      Look after the community around us (Harvey C)
·      Be trustworthy in any situation (Dimeji)
·      Try to independently resolve the dilemmas that we face in class and on the playground (Molly B)
·      We will be helpful in difficult times (Molly I)
·      Always set high standards (Katie B)
·      To treat everybody equally and reach the goals we set for the year. (Elora)
·      Be nice! (Mr Parsonage)