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Mrs Helen Eagles

Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Jamie Chapman

Assessment lead, Literacy lead, Art lead, Curriculum overview, teacher across year 5 and 6. 


Mrs Ella Parker

EYFS lead. Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead. Reception teacher.

Miss Nikki Arnold

PSHE lead. Key Stage 1 teacher.

Mr Luke Smith

History lead. Red Kite (student) mentor.  Year 1 teacher

Mrs Grace Scopes

R.E  and Geography lead . Year 2 teacher (Mon-Weds).

Miss Chloe O'Dwyer

MFL lead. Year 2 teacher (Weds-Fri).

Mrs Catherine Bowie

Inclusion lead. Year 3 teacher (Weds - Fri).

Mrs Chantal Midgley

SENCO, D.T lead  and year 3 teacher (Mon - Weds). 

Mr Jon Cashon

Maths lead. Key Stage 2 teacher.

Mr Jack Martin

Art lead. Year 5 teacher

Mr Tom Platt

P.E lead. Year 6 teacher.



Teaching support

Mrs Katy Dove

EYFS teaching assistant.

Mrs Debbie Johnson

Year 1 teaching assistant (HLTA)

Mrs Yvonne Winteler

Year 2 teaching assistant 

Mrs Alison Seeger

Year 2 teaching assistant (Weds-Fri)

Ms Ugo Angelo

Year 3/4 teaching assistant

Miss Jordan Cook Year 4 teaching assistant



Miss Annie Skelton

Year 5 teaching assistant (Mon, Tues and Thurs)

Mrs Fiona Ratcliffe

Year 5 teaching assistant

Mrs Cas Stoodley

Year 6 teaching assistant and French teacher

Mrs Sally Kelly

Year 3 teaching assistant

Mrs Kathryn Monk

ICT lead and teacher . Year 6 maths intervention and  teaching assistant

Miss Victoria Prudames

Music teacher. Music lead

Red Kite Teaching Students

Mrs Louise Humphreys-Proverbs

Year 6

Mr Harry Randle

Year 1

Miss Eleanor Hobbs

Year 3

Office Manger

Mrs Janine Docherty

Business, finance and administration.

Office Staff

Miss Hazel Core

Learning Mentor. Designated Deputy Safeguarding Officer  and office administration

After School Club Staff

Mrs Debbie Johnson


Miss Hazel Core


Mrs Cas Stoodley


Mrs Gosha Rudge


Breakfast Club Staff

Mr Chadd Bevons


Ms Ugo Angelo


Mrs Manjeet Lyle


Kitchen Staff

Mrs Paulette Barton


Mrs Maninder Ryatt


Mrs Adelaide Apoko


Mrs Manjeet Lyle


Lunchtime Staff

Ms Ugo Angelo


Mrs Gosha Rudge


Mrs Angela Hart


Site Staff

Mrs Maninda Ryatt


Mr Chadd Bevons

Site assistant and cleaner.