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RLWC 2013

Six very lucky Y6 children were chosen to be player mascots for the Scotland v New Zealand RLWC match.  First of all we got changed into a player mascot kit that we were given from the organisers.  Once we were changed we then were split into two groups in height order.  We went out for a trial run of what we were required to do when we were in the tunnel.  Afterwards we went back into the room that we got changed in and waited for a while.  When it was time we walked through to the tunnel which was on the cricket pitch and then the players started coming out of their changing rooms.  We were paired with them and then we walked out onto the pitch with 18,000 people watching us.  We were nervous!  We thoroughly enjoyed this experience and loved watching the match.  By Alex Daykin (one of the six selected player mascots)
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