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Our First Chick Hatches!

Reception Class have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of chicks, after we have been incubating chicken eggs in our classroom for the last three weeks. This morning, the children noticed a tiny hole in one egg. The hole didn't seem to get much bigger until about 3:15pm, when Mrs Kelly positioned herself by the incubator and proceeded to cheep for the next thirty minutes! The chick seemed to respond to this and the hole started to get bigger and bigger. It took about an hour for our chick to fully break out of the egg. Our After school Club were lucky enough to watch the whole process! It was very emotional! We can't wait for the children to meet our new arrival (Mick the chick, named after Farmer Mick) tomorrow. Hopefully more will hatch over night to keep Mick company. Take a look at our photos and videos of Mick hatching.
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Our First Chick Hatches

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