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October 2021 Elections

Two weeks ago, our school Prime Ministers, Luke Blythe Rucha Kini spoke to the whole school in an assembly about what Meanwood C of E School Council is and shared their experiences of being school council reps in 2019/2020 (prior to Covid!). They announced the election campaign to appoint two new school council representatives per class (Years 1-6) so that we can get the school council up and running once again and use it as the main platform for eliciting pupil voice in regards to celebrating our successes and finding ways to continually improve the experiences of all pupils in our school.


Luke and Rucha outlined the key skills required to be a class rep and how all pupils will have the opportunity to express their views and have their voices heard during fortnightly class council time, which will be lead by each class’s reps . Class reps will then feed back the thoughts/views of their classmates in fortnightly school council meetings.


 The response we had to the election campaign was incredible and there was a real buzz surrounding who would be elected to become each class’s reps in every classroom! All candidates wishing to stand for the position of class council rep had to fill in an application form and deliver a manifesto to their peers. We were so proud of the time, effort and passion that all candidates put into this and would like to say a huge well done to each and every one of our pupils who put themselves forward for this position. A democratic election then took place in each classroom last week. Each child anonymously voted for the two reps that they would like to represent their class in a secret ballot box. I am thrilled to announced that the class council reps elected for each class are as follows:


Year 1: Eleni Metcalf and Milo Headley-Craik

Year 2: Sophia Parker and Rahel Vallikat

Year 3: Harriet Carter and Oliver White

Year 4: Lola Carmichael and Jakob Sarginson

Year 5: Sam Cliff and Ariana Mukassa

Year 6: Rucha Kini, Luke Blyth, Jacob Charles and Isobel Harlow


Massive congratulations to our newly elected school council reps! We are very excited to hold our first school council meeting next week on Thursday 14th October. The school council page of our website will be updated with the agendas and minutes of our meetings along with details of any projects that the school council will be undertaking, so watch this space!