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Wider re-opening of School on 8.6.20


Following a meeting of the teaching Staff on 5.6.20, it was agreed that school would begin the process of opening to more children from Monday 8th June. In the first instance, will now be able to accommodate Yr6 children ,as well as all of the children of Key Workers and those we have identified as vulnerable.


Before leaving home, please ensure your child washes his/her hands.If you have a thermometer,please check their temperature too.


Yr6 children should come in via the Green Rd door between 8.45 and 9am.They need to go straight into the Hall, not congregate around the entrance or in the cloakroom. They do not need to wear school uniform and will just stay until 12 noon on the first day. From Tuesday, the children will be in school all day, finishing at 3.15pm so will need to bring a packed lunch.


 We would encourage you to arrange a meeting place away from the Green Rd door if collecting your child. Please remember to leave 2m between yourself and any other parents who may be waiting too.


We are closing to all children every Friday at 12 noon.


There will now be two bubbles for KW & V children, one for KS1 and one for KS2. Children need to enter school via the After School Club intercom on Monday. They will be told what to do from Tuesday onwards once in their bubbles. Please come to the front entrance to collect your KW & V child on Monday and you will be told which classroom to go to to collect your child from then on.


We then plan to admit Reception children on 15th June and Yr 1 on 22nd June. Reception children will be in two bubbles but will both enter school in the usual way . Please socially distance in the lower playground when delivering or collecting your child to or from school. There will be a staggered start : 9-9.15am and for at least the first week, collection will be at 12.05pm.


The arrangements for Yr1 children are the same, except that the gate to be used is the one by the top of the steps leading into the park (by the ice cream van!) A member of Staff will come out to collect the children from the top the steps between 9 and 9.15am and we will bring them out to you as you arrive from 3 -3.15pm.


We will update parents on lunch arrangements when we get to the KS1 children staying for lunch.


Please contact me or any of the class teachers if you need further clarification on anything at all. 


Helen Eagles