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School re-opening after Christmas

 Like all of you, the Staff and Governing Body have been waiting for further information and advice from the LEA, Unions and Government this weekend, before contacting parents about school opening tomorrow (Mon. 4th Jan.) I know that you will all have heard recent announcements and that you will be dealing with the stress and uncertainty this has caused, just as much as we are.


The current situation is that the Department for Education’s expectation in Leeds is that no primary schools are to close, as the region remains in Tier 3 restrictions. 


However, due to concern about the higher transmissibility of the new Covid-19 variant, the National Education Union has recommended to its members not to return to school at the start of term because the workplace is unsafe. 


If the NEU Staff will not be on the school premises to work, and it is impossible to operate their class or classes in school safely, then we will need to disband the relevant bubble, inform parents of this and ensure remote learning will take place. Teaching staff who choose not to attend school are still expected to deliver remote learning to all pupils.


Should we be unable to open school safely due to the high number of staff being unwell or choosing not to come in , Governors will need to determine whether we can still stay open for children of key workers and vulnerable children. Tomorrow, Mrs Docherty will email all parents a copy of the key worker application form and the criteria for eligible families. Please return your form to Mrs Eagles asap


I do appreciate that the situation we are in is going to be very challenging for everybody in the weeks to come. Data suggests that the "new variant"  is accelerating in the wrong direction and infection rates for Meanwood are very high. The country has 50,000 new cases today for the 6th day running. You will again see different schools making different decisions at different times. This is because of a total lack of strategic leadership and guidance from the Government, apart from for those schools in London and the S.E. But even that was changed from the original plan! As ever, we will do everything we can to keep our school open as long as we possibly can and to as many children as we can. But we do need you to help us with that. Please ensure that you comply with the Tier 3 restrictions on meeting people : if we can keep the virus out of school as long as we can, we can all stay in the building.


See you all tomorrow. Sorry if you were holding your breath until this point!!

Hope you've had the best Christmas possible and the children have enjoyed the snow.