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KS1 + KS2 Wake Up Shake Up Competition



On Wednesday 28th June, we took a KS1 and KS2 Wake Up Shake Up team to the annual Leeds North East festival held at Carr Manor Community School. The children were very excited to be performing their routines in front of such a large audience, some a little nervous but hiding it well!  

Our KS1 team performed second to the song 'September' from the Trolls film and aced their routine.  Our KS2 team had to battle with their nerves and wait until the end slot to perform their routine. They danced to 'I Got the Key, I Got the Secret' by Urban Cookie Collective. Again another incredible performance.  It was a nervous wait for the results and we were astounded to discover that we had won the KS1 competition and our KS2 team finished third! Truly amazing.



So we will continue to practise as we will be representing Leeds North East at the Wake Up Shake Up Final on Tuesday 11th July at Ralph Thoresby.  A special thanks must be given to our sports leaders in Year 6: Matilda Beckley, Matilda Dennison, Alfie Jones and Zach Powley who choreographed the winning routine, as well as Alyssa in Year 6 for choreographing a brilliant routine for KS2.  They have all worked incredibly hard and helped to teach the Year 2 and Year 5 children their routines.