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Day 4

'Proud' my favourite word


In space of four days,

what can be experienced is immense.

Children being children,

Jam packed timetable- amazing yet intense 


Visiting Mrs Sanderson's and my city, Liverpool,

the people and sights so full of colour.

Whether red or blue, pink or green. 

A city that could not make our hearts fuller.


To share that with year 6 has been special,

and for us an experience so valuable.

All the children got so much from it,

memories created, so powerful.


Onto the sights of North Wales.

Activities coming out of our ears.

Mrs Monk and Mr Platt proving so much fun,

brightening up the odd spell of tears.


The high swing was conquered by the Monk,

fearless in every sense of the word.

Cross bar challenge won by Platt.

An intruder in the shape of a bird.


I'm proud to be from Meanwood.

My class I know are the same:

proud to have the badge on our hoodies,

proud to sing our school's name.


I'm proud to see our kids smile.

I'm proud how they make friends so well.

I'm proud to see them push themselves.

I'm proud see them come out of their shell.


I'm proud to show them my home.

I'm proud to introduce them to my family.

I'm proud to see them play with no trouble.

I'm proud how our kids do stuff properly.


I'm proud of their courage.

I'm proud of their ability to make us smile.

I'm proud of their empathy.

I'm proud how they go the extra mile.


I'm proud of my year 6,

an end of year trip to remember.

I'm proud of how much they've gained this week,

so much they can use in September! 


So year 6 be proud,

to be from a school that loves so.

Be proud to be from Meanwood -

A pride you must never let go!