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Day 3

Day 3
As mentioned on the previous blog, the text messages have been less frequent as a result of a very busy schedule, and an even busier WiFi network. Sorry if this has caused any inconvenience – every opportunity I have had, you have had a text.
Very tired children; very, very tired staff!
Today has been another corker! After signing off the last blog at 1am (probably closer to 2am) I was awoken only a few hours later by squawking. A balmy summer’s evening caused me to leave the window open quite wide: this must have looked too appealing to a magpie, as at quarter to five I had a feathered guest trapped between the curtain and the window. Mrs S and I frequently use a scouse term to describe Mr Emerson: "quilt " If he's a quilt then I was a super king sized duvet! To say I was terrified was an understatement – I make no apologies for being a big wimp and reflected upon the previously unthinkable - I wish I had shared a room with Mr Platt as he could have saved my life at this point! Thankfully tentatively opening the window further allowed Mr Magpie to be freed without any harm to him, or me! One for sorrow: more like one for my life was threatened by a man killing bird...
The children rose after 6 and we went down for breakfast a couple of hours later. We have not stopped until 9.30pm! I will leave it to the kids to talk you through all of their brilliant activities tomorrow and the next day and the next - and probably the rest of their lives as we have all been making lifelong memories this week.
The pictures on the website will give you a clearer idea of what we have done: amazing activities, lots of laughs, and despite some children claiming to have stayed up all night, very happy children.
Personal highlights were seeing Mrs Monk jumping our of her skin when handed a marshmallow as she thought it was a dog behind her (see picture on the website!). Also, when a building activity had finished, and all children were sent to race their models at one side of the room, seeing one of the teammates asleep, sprawled on the floor snoring.
I am sure there will be more funny moments to come tomorrow as we drive home. For now, here are a few Belters from today! I wonder if you can guess who! Note, all comments from children to be read with a Leeds accent!
“How old are you Mr P?”
“How old is Mrs Monk?”
“You shouldn’t ask a lady her age.”
“I’m not asking a lady, I am asking you.”
Riddles round the campfire:
“If Jane goes in the boat with Betty, she’ll kill Betty. If Jane goes in the boat with Joanne, she’ll kill her. If Jane goes in the boat with…”
(interrupted the whole riddle)
“She’ll kill her, I know this one – she’ll kill her. I get this one”
All with reference to the chicken, corn and fox riddle. Each one of these beauties came from different kids:
“You leave the seal with the fox!”
“You take the seed, grow it into a tree, then get the fox. Foxes can’t eat trees”
Another riddle:
What has a lake, and no fish? What has roads but no cars? What has forests, but no trees?
A map!
“Ahh yeah, maps! But a tree could be in a forest – if it’s a flappy pop up map. A tree in a flippy flappy book – I’m saying it! It’s a flippy flappy pop up book - it doesn't work.”
All in all, this residential has been absolutely superb. Being able to share it with such amazing children and staff makes all the difference. When in a setting such as Kingswood, where you are surrounded by groups of children and staff from other schools, you feel very lucky to have Meanwood kids and teachers in your group! As other parties are being shouted at, or pouring sugar into everything, behaving ridiculously, you can turn to Meanwood children and see impeccably behaved, lovely kids, having a lovely time. They have been courteous, grateful and an absolute pleasure to have: a true credit to school and their families.



Thanks to all of the Staff for giving up their time this week to be with the children. Mrs Monk is an organisation machine and has had all of the medication and the photos completely boxed off. Mr Platt has been , well...Mr Platt!


I also want to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Sanderson for making this trip happen.  The children have been given a phenomenal experience this week; I know they will carry these memories for many years to come. It always amazes me how much you learn from and about the children during a week on residential, and how much they develop from their experiences outside of the classroom. They have their Headteacher to thank for this! Without the driving force of Mrs Sanderson,aided and abetted by Mr Chapman, we would not had such an amazing end of year 6 residential! A massive thank you from me, that I am sure all parents and children will endorse to the max.
Mr P