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Day 2

Before starting today’s blog, I want to let you all know that texts wont be as regular over the next few days as there is zero signal here! Not one bar! I am using the internet in the evenings and when I can get spare moment, so I can keep you all updated. The timetable is very full on, so this may not be as often as previously. I will aim to get a few messages and photos through during any opportunity I get, but even that is proving difficult as every school needs to do the same, and the Wi-Fi isn’t coping very well!
Day 2  - Colomendy
First nights normally mean no sleep for teachers, but we managed a few hours between us! The children were devastated to see that Mrs Sanderson wasn't there when they woke up. Many swallowed the line that she was still out clubbing with Mr Platt, but the sensible ones knew that she had really got  up early and gone back to school with Mr Chapman. A breakfast of croissants, cereal, fruit and orange juice awaited us, served to each child in their rooms. Only the best for Meanwood kids!
The children woke up between at 7 and 8ish. And the great pack began. Zach , Lee and Joel's room was spotless without them being asked. Others, as you can imagine were quite frankly, a smelly tip! With a bit of cajoling we got there. One pair of shoes was lost, only for the child to find them ....on his feet! The room that went to sleep last was still very giddy. They had had little sleep according to them and were still on top note, bouncing round the place being bonkers. All parents reading this will be thinking "hope that's not my child" Unlucky: Beckley, Johnson, Denison and Caldwell families!!
One group of boys was still in their room when everyone was on the coach. They realised this as their bags were the only ones left in the corridor. In their own world!
We journeyed through the Mersey tunnel back onto the Wirral. It was a shame that Mrs Sanderson wasn't with us because this was her territory again and she could have been a tour guide! But then Adele came on the radio and the choir kids knew it was good thing she wasn't there because she would have moaned about her and made us turn it off! We all sang along to Whitney with Tye Webster coping admirably well with the high bits!  
It was only a short journey into north Wales and we realized that we were very close to where Mr Williams (the School Direct trainee who had taught the children in Yr 5) was born and grew up. He would have loved to have been there with us. Then again ,the children felt they knew the place inside out because he went on about SOOOOOO much over the course of last year... We found Loggerheads Park and enjoyed our butties (Mrs S and I are writing this so they are butties not sarnies!) which had kindly been prepared for the class by my Mum and dropped off at the hotel. I know she's my mum but they were amazing: you're never too old for a packed lunch lovingly prepared by your mum. (Did she put a pic of the family and a message with love and kisses in yours Mr P? HS!) We should all be grateful both to her and to Mrs Sanderson who last weekend had shopped for the other bits of our packed lunch: crisps, cake, fruit drink- even a little bag of haribo for everyone. Both of these ladies weren't even there to eat with us but made sure that we all had a lovely lunch.
After lunch, we then made our way up the steep incline to Kingswood activity centre, dropped our bags off and got chance to play with the bag of sports stuff we had been reunited with! The one we were supposed to have on the beach, but couldn't, because...........!! Mr Platt managed to hit the crossbar twice in a row during the cross bar challenge, which was pretty special! I suppose missing the goal comes naturally to an Evertonian.
We then learnt ‘clap rugby’: a game that involves standing in a circle, and clapping before you catch a ball that is passed to you. Sounds relatively light-hearted - how wrong we were! Mr Platt, full of his usual bravado and bluster had to swallow his pride as he was out early on in his debut game, and I was stitched up by Joel, who bullied me out of the game with some shocking passes.Neither of us were bothered at all! Honest.....
The final resulted in Matilda and Jeffrey battling against one another.Reactions of a ninja from Jeffrey, and safe hands from Matilda made it an even competition. Matilda edged it to become the Colomendy day 1 clap rugby champion 2017. Lets see if she gets knocked off her podium tomorrow!
After lots of fun we received our rooms and the children were tasked with putting their sheets, and duvet covers on their own bed…To say I was shocked was an understatement! I think I will task bed making to every one of year 6 as homework over the next few weeks! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when there were four boys scrambling around inside of one duvet cover trying to fit it! Eventually they got there, except for one dorm! Team work, and a few experts in the group had got them so far, but there was one person who just couldn’t do it – “I’ll give you another 5 minutes,” was repeated but still no joy – 5 minutes more, then to my astonishment the bed was made beautifully. It was then on further inspection that the rogue had just sneakily placed the cover over the top of the duvet to disguise his/her shoddy work… good try!  
After duvet-gate, we went for another run around then tea. Roast dinner was on the menu, alongside a salad bar that is all you can eat! Good news for the guys with bigger appetites.We then got stuck into our first activity of low ropes or ‘the 3d swing’!
The kids loved it: standout memories were Naomi conquering her fears and getting past some tough obstacles, and Alice’s superb technique which got her round the course quicker than anyone! The swing was brilliant fun as well. Despite it being very high up everyone had a go and came back to their rooms buzzing. 
We then went on a night walk, with two amazing guides – they really knew their stuff! It was on this walk when the pearlers of the day came about:
Guide: if you eat 10 bananas in half an hour you can die!
Alfie: Not sure about that  - in reception Max once ate 7 at break time – he’s pretty tough.
Guide: can anyone tell me the name of this tree?
Unnamed Year 6: Bob
Imogen: what’s that tree called?
Mrs Monk: it’s a yew
Imogen: me? What’s the tree called?
Monk: yew
Imogen: It’s called an Imogen?   
And a heart-warmer to finish with as I sign off at 1am:
Unnamed Year 6: I want to meet all the people in the world in my lifetime – I’ll be on the news. It will be a record!
Mr P: why all the people, some people aren’t very nice – what do you want to meet them for?
Unnamed Year 6: doesn’t matter, I can just make them happy.
Pretty good way to look at the world I think!
Mr P and Mrs S