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Day 1

Rosy cheeks, clear skies and 32 very grateful children!


Waiting outside the station for 32 children to arrive , the staff looked at the people going to Glastonbury with already mucky wellies, floppy hats and bed rolls, and all of a sudden, our option didn't seem like such a bad one after all! 


Fully expecting rush-hour mania at platform 16a, we were greeted with a relatively quiet platform, and extremely helpful Transpennine Express staff. The man serving the tea has probably never been so busy putting bags on the overhead rack! After taking over carriage A, and producing  having copious amounts of sweets and biscuits for breakfast, we set off on our adventure to the best side of the Pennines. Low and behold, the weather looked after us! The clouds parted as we left behind the lovely countryside of Yorkshire and before we knew it, we had arrived in Liverpool, and the sights that were so familiar to lots of the adults on the trip, were brand new to year 6!
Those of you who know Liverpool, know that it is the people that make the city great . Alfie met Ken Dodd in the station ( see the pics!) then some ladies giving religious leaflets out outside the station said they would pray for the staff as "God knows you've got your hands full there love" It took 5 minutes for Jonah’s Manchester United shirt to be picked up on, and ridiculed by some painters up a ladder.  Only two minutes earlier we had friendly directions from a scouser who knew better than Mrs Sanderson (and soon took back his words as Mrs S knew better than him); we loved our initiation to Liverpool, and giggled our way up to the hotel. We arrived to be able to dump bags in our rooms, put sunscreen on and  to explore the docks, the ‘British Music Experience’ museum and then the ferry to the Wirral.
It took us only 10 minutes from leaving our beautiful hotel, walking through Liverpool One, to arrive at a water fountain outside the Hilton. It was then the children decided they wanted to cool off (see pictures above)! Only at Meanwood! They were absolutely drenched !! 
The museum was amazing. The children split into two groups : one for the guided tour of the evolution of music since 1945 and the other to the interactive area. This was amazing . We learnt to play electric guitars, drums and went into a sound studio . At one point a hologram of Boy George appeared in the darkened main area where Mrs Sanderson sang along and danced with one of the employees to Karma Chameleon. She then met her third new best mate of the morning - Martin on the ticket desk at the Ferry terminal . Long story short but we got 5 free staff tickets for the trip!! The ferry journey was glorious, made all the more so when one of the party noticed Anfield from the boat. Off the boat and onto a 3.5k walk onto Mrs Sanderson’s and my turf: the Wirral. The particular part of the Wirral, Wallasey is an area that Mrs. Sanderson knows very well, as it is where she spent her childhood! As our children go into Meanwood Park with their parents every night in summer after school, Mrs S would go with hers down to the beach. The children adored the time spent on the beach. So much so, the sight of water was almost magnetic as they sprinted down the beach into the sea!  It was truly lovely to see 32 children have such a good time, get on so well, and well, just be kids! They would have played football and cricket but one of the Staff - he who only had one job- had left the ball and bats in the boot of the car ....
We were graced by the presence of Rosie the dog, Mr P senior (my dad) and Mrs P (mum). The children were so lovely to our guests, and several of them enjoyed the time spent dog-sitting Rosie the bichon frise. Children climbed up, through, around and got stuck in (allegedly) rocks . We also had our own human lizard who sat on one all day, being a Sand Grinch and refusing to take his shoes and socks off.... 
Lolly ices (or ice lollies) depending on your preference, were devoured, and we went up for tea, which was amazing: the children enjoyed their choice of meal and pudding, then we took the train back to the other side of the Mersey to our home for the night. We were horrified at how the children were still buzzing: we thought we had worn them out with the day's activities. Wrong! One room still had the energy for a full makeover and photo shoot... 
What a wonderful action packed day we have had! Waiting at Leeds train station this morning seems a distant memory as I write this  – the children (and teachers) have not stopped all day! Mrs S had 25k steps on her Fitbit!! The children have been phenomenal all day: they have been a joy. Having said that, there have been some absolute pearlers:
"Mrs Sanderson , x says that Liverpool isn't on the coast . Is it?"   Mrs S " have you just been swimming in the sea ....?"
Mrs Sanderson, how do you know which one is which on the Beatles statue ? Mrs S "I absolutely refuse to answer that" 
From Matilda’s excitement over everything and anything, to James exploring the crab pools, year 6 have made us all very proud. 


Roll on day 2 at Colemendy!