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Autumn 1

Are you looking forward to this year’s sport?


Lucci, Ava and I have written this week’s blog aided by guests from Year 3 and Year 4. At the start of the year, we asked the children, “What are you looking forwarded to the most?”

Leon and Jacob can’t wait to star in football matches, and because of the changes to the structure of football sessions (details to follow!) Mr P said they will get more chances to show off their skills! As well as this they were buzzing about tonight’s house competition, where year 3 and 4 will play each other.


Everybody strongly agreed that cross-country is the main event they are looking forward to! Florence and Hannah were both excited for the first session next week; muddy Monday lunchtimes are something that we don’t worry about at Meanwood! The girls in year 3 and 4 couldn’t wait for Sports Day this year – last year’s event must have been a real success! The rugby event next Thursday was another talking point! Year 6 will be organising and running the Meanwood Rugby World Cup, in which all classes will get to try out some rugby before the tournament starts next Friday.


The group also mentioned how excited they were about Mr Cashon’s boxercise sessions, and rumours circulated about what clubs may be on offer in the coming weeks.


 Ava energised the group with the mention of lunchtime fitness activities for all classes. We will report back on the success of these clubs next week!


 I hope you liked reading our first blog!


Lucci, Ava and Eoghan 

Year 3 and Year 4 Inter-House Football


The tension in the air was electric. Both teams were exchanging defiant glances. The anxious goalies strained their ears, searching for the shrill blast of the referee’s whistle. The strikers were like dogs straining on their leashes. Time seemed to slow down as the piercing whistle rang across the pitch. The world exploded into action with Ewan, who proved to be a prominent player in the match, setting off ahead. The first half was dominated by Oak and Sycamore; the main players being Toby, Ewan and Leon. Two goals were scored: one, an overpowering shot into the left hand corner, and its predecessor being a cheeky chip into the right. Leon scored both incredible goals for Oak and Sycamore. Several potential goals were foiled by an extraordinary mountain of defence, marshalled by Elm and Holly defenders: Caelan, Florence, Lily-Maya and Alana.


Mr Platt and Mr Robinson’s half time team talk invigorated Elm and Holly. So dynamic was the Elm and Holly players’ movement, it appeared that they had more players on the pitch (this was in fact the case as they had 12 players at the end of the game much to the dismay of Mr Emerson!).


Elm and Holly surged forward, a turbulent wave against a cliff of sandstone. Eventually the unforgiving cliff yielded and let slip two outstanding goals both scored by the relentless goal machine that was Nico.


The match was not without controversy! To the dismay of crowd, Ewan’s astounding goal was disallowed! Mr Chapman dealt with the crowd’s hostile response with an unfazed confidence, and the game continued at lightening pace! Another striking goal was scored by Oak and Sycamore, taking the form of a flick into the top right corner. In the dying seconds of the match, the Oak and Sycamore defence wavered and a spectacular goal slipped through a chink in the near impenetrable defence.


As the referee’s whistle signalled the end of the contest, the final score was 3 – 3. Phenomenal play by all, well done, and a big thank you to Mr Emerson and Mr Chapman for organising such a brilliant game.


By Eoghan Thompson Leader of the School Council