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Year 5 - Judaism

Year 5 have been studying Judaism in R.E.  
They have looked at why the Torah is important to many Jewish people.

Additionally, the children have had the opportunity to write in Hebrew and study The Shema: a very important prayer in the Jewish religion. 

Year 2 - Eid celebrations

Year 2 have been looking at Islam.  They have learnt all about the 5 pillars and Muslims' motivations for prayer.  They have also looked at stories from the Qur'an and how stories guided Muslims' beliefs.  Finally they ended the unit with an enrichment lesson looking at how Muslims celebrate Eid.  They made cards and tried traditional foods. 

Year 6 - Anti-Semitism Workshop

As part of our history topic focus on Anne Frank and the Holocaust, Year 6 took part in an Anti-Semitism workshop, exploring the atrocities that Jews faced during WWII and some still face today. The children compared incidents from the past and present, trying to empathise with their situation, as well as thinking about how we can change the way with think in society, neutralising stereotypes and put an end to discrimination. 

Reception class learnt about the Jewish festival of Hannukah. They looked at photographs of celebrations and listened to the story of Hannukah. They explored the festival through the provision. Activities included: making the candles on a menorah using shiny, gold play dough, cutting and sticking a menorah, sequencing the story, making a Star of David and playing a game of Driedel.